Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Property Management Services

Are you looking for a Property Manager or Property Management Company in San Jose to manage an existing rental home or an investment property you are about to purchase? Below you will find answers to common questions regarding our property management services. These are questions you should ask any San Jose Property Manager you are interviewing. If you have questions not answered below, feel free to contact us by email or call us.

What are the benefits of using a professional property manager?

Utilizing the services of a Professional Property Management Company in San Jose relieves you from the burden of unexpected and untimely tenant and repair issues. It also provides you with a tested and true vendor team (via your property manager) to handle repair and maintenance issues at your home. Having a Property Manager handling the details of managing your rental home allows you to focus your time and talents on other matters instead of worrying about your rental property.

How long have you been managing real estate in San Jose?

Melissa Riqueros has been leasing homes in the San Jose area since 1990 and has leased to more than 1,200 tenants in Santa Clara County and helped hundreds of owners with property management services for their rental property.

To which professional organizations do you belong?

National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)

Melissa Riqueros has been a member of the Santa Clara County Chapter of NARPM since 2006 and is a Past President of the Santa Clara County Chapter of NARPM, providing educational workshops and training for property managers locally and nationwide.  She is currently on the NARPM Santa Clara County Board of Directors.

Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR)

California Association of Realtors (CAR)

National Association of Realtors (NAR)

No matter which company you choose to manage your rental home in Santa Clara County, make sure you pick a property manager who is serious about the profession of property management. Many property managers operate as a sideline business or an afterthought to their sales business, and make no effort to stay educated or updated on landlord/tenant laws or current industry practices.

What type of rental properties do you manage?

We manage quality single family homes and duplexes that are in good to excellent condition. We also manage individually owned townhomes and condominiums. Another way to say it is; we manage safe, well maintained homes that attract well qualified renters.

In which areas of Santa Clara County do you offer property management services?

We like to keep the majority of our portfolio located in the Almaden Valley and its surrounding areas. This includes Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley, Cambrian, Santa Teresa, Willow Glen, Los Gatos and Saratoga.

Exceptions are made if you own multiple rental properties including some that are located in Almaden Valley and some that are not, call us to discuss whether we can handle your group of properties. We do sometimes make exceptions for the right properties and owners.

How do you determine the rent value of my home when it needs to be rented?

Each time your home comes up for rent, we will perform a market analysis to determine how much homes similar to yours have been renting for recently. Once we determine a starting value, we add or subtract based on the time of year, competition from other available rentals near yours, the condition of the property (older vs. newer carpet, age of appliances, floor plan, etc.), and other relevant market factors.

As a general rule, we believe it’s a good idea to price your rental property at or slightly below the competition and get it rented quickly. Vacancy is your worst enemy and we work hard to prevent excess vacancy loss.

Additionally, we stay very tuned in to the rental market all across Santa Clara County and provide weekly feedback to you on how much activity we are receiving on your property (i.e. calls, emails, showings, applicants)

How will Almaden Property Management market our home when it needs to be rented to a new tenant?

Exposure and good photos are the name of the game. We market your home for rent as follows:

  • Sign in the yard
  • Listed on our website at
  • (posts to 100+ sites on the Internet, including MySpace & Classifieds

How much security deposit will you require from new tenants?

We stay within the customs of Santa Clara County, and our competition, and normally require between 90% to 110% of a full month’s rent.

Will you allow tenants to have pets in our property?

We prefer not to. If you would like us to allow pets at your property we will collect an additional security deposit and additional rent. We recommend pets be limited to 35 lbs each and a maximum of two total animals. We also prohibit certain aggressive breeds of dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

Do you allow smoking in our rental home?

No. We write into every lease, for every property we manage, a “no smoking” policy.

How will prospective tenants be screened and qualified by your property management company?

We require tenants to provide at least three years of good verifiable rental history (or proof of home ownership), good credit, and verifiable income at least 3 times the monthly rent.

Rental History

We call the applicant’s current/previous landlords and ask about the applicant’s payment history, whether there were bounced checks, late payments, unauthorized roommates, pets, noise, damage, and whether they would rent to them again.

Income Verification

We require written income verification in the form of a recent paycheck stub or, if self employed we require their three most recent bank statements to verify the amount of deposits for each month. Income must be at least three times the monthly rent to qualify.

Credit Report

All applicants 18 or older are required to complete a rental application and be screened. We run a complete credit report and unlawful detainer check (eviction) on each applicant.

How does your property management company handle repair requests from tenants?

All non-emergency repair requests are reported to us in writing, as required in the lease agreement. We provide tenants a convenient online form to submit repair requests. We strive to respond to and complete most ordinary repair requests within 1 to 3 business days.

Repairs and property condition issues offer the greatest opportunity for friction and ill will between landlords and tenants. A property manager walks the line between a tenant who wants things fixed ASAP, and an owner who is sensitive to repair expenses. We in fact want the tenant to enjoy a well maintained home in which everything functions as designed and intended. It’s to your advantage that this happens, as a happy tenant is more likely to remain in the property at renewal.

In many instances, we will quiz the tenant about the problem and attempt to solve it over the phone. This is commonly accomplished with problems such as tripped breakers or GFI outlets (reset breaker), malfunctioning garage openers (check the eyebeams), disposals (reset button), dishwashers (wall switch), HVAC (thermostat not set properly, filter door loose or intake blocked), etc.

This by the way is where we as a smaller company can offer a more personal level of repair troubleshooting and diagnosis than a large property management company with an impersonal “repair pipeline” process. Essentially, before spending your money on a service call, we attempt to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Once it’s determined that a legitimate problem exists, and that a service call is needed, we send a vendor who we have probably been using for more than 10 years and whom we trust to take care of the problem.

Why are repairs so important?

Nothing affects the reputation of a property management company more than the manner in which repairs are handled. Tenants judge us by almost no other measure. It therefore makes little sense to entrust vendors we don’t know, whom we have no relationship with or control over, with the reputation of our company and the relationship with your tenant. Instead, when repairs are needed, we will send our trusted vendors with whom established relationships and excellent communication exists, and they will provide the quality service we require in a professional and timely manner.

Will you use my favorite Plumber, A/C Company, etc. each time a repair is needed?

We will be happy to invite them to join our vendor list, if they are qualified and insured, but we can’t promise that a specific vendor will be dispatched to your home for certain repairs.

What bills will you take care of getting paid for me, related to my rental property?

We will pay your recurring garbage bill, gardening service, pool service and any other bill or invoice generated as a result of repairs, utilities or other services to your property with the exception of mortgage or insurance payments.

When will I receive my owner statement and check each month?

Your monthly proceeds will be electronically deposited directly to your bank account each month on or before the 25th. Property statements are emailed the same day.

What is the process once I decide to have you manage my home?

We will visit your home to make sure it meets our condition requirements. Then we will send you a management agreement and initiate the process of assuming management of your property.

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