We Are Here to Help!

Maximize Your Income

Maintain Property Value

Minimize Vacancies

Experience Peace of Mind    

Resolve Maintenance Issues

Reduce Property Expenses

Over 24 Years Experience in providing professional property management services in Santa Clara County.

Only Property Management: We only do property management, unlike most of our competitors, who also do property sales. Because we limit our geographic area to Almaden Valley and its surrounding areas we are able to spend more time managing your property and less time driving to and from properties.

Personal Attention to Detail: A BIG Advantage to hiring a small company like ours is that you have a single contact person who always knows everything with regard to your property, tenants, accounting, repairs, etc.

Affordable Services: Our property management services are affordable and can actually save you money. Our goal is to preserve, maintain and enhance the value of your Real Estate Investment while minimizing your expenses and maximizing your income.



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